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ACPI Flash BIOS version 6.20 for Satellite C855/L855/S855 for Satellite C850-ST3N03 BIOS

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Release Notes

  • For CD-ROM BIOS updates in Windows 8: (1) Shut down the system while pressing the SHIFT key to completely power off. (2) Power on and press F2 while the TOSHIBA logo is displayed to enter the BIOS Setup Menu. (3) Go to the Security tab and set the "Secure Boot" setting to "Disabled". (4) Go to the Advanced tab, enter "System Configuration" and set the Boot Mode to "CSM Boot." (5) Press F10 to save and exit. (6) Boot from the BIOS CD-ROM and type BIOS at the C:\ prompt. (7) After the BIOS update has completed, restore the Boot Mode setting to "UEFI Boot" and the Secure Boot setting to Enabled.
  • For CD-ROM BIOS updates in Windows 7: Type BIOS then press enter at the C:\ prompt.
  • For all updates: The BIOS update will force the computer to shut down or restart. Please make sure to save all work in progress before starting BIOS updates.
  • Power on the computer if it is off.
  • While the "Toshiba" LOGO is displayed, press the F2 function key to start BIOS Setup.
  • Check the version of BIOS and press the F9 function key then Enter to load setup defaults.
  • Press the F10 function key then Enter to save settings and exit. The computer will automatically reboot.

Change History

    Version 6.20 - 2012-09-18

    • Added: Support for Atheros a/g/n - WB222w/BT card (Askey WLL5210B(RoHS))

    Version 6.10 - 2012-09-07

    • Updated for LC project SKUs.

    Version 6.00 - 2012-08-22

    • First release for Windows 8.

    Version 1.80 - 2012-07-11

    • Fixed: On computers with an Intel Core i5-2450M CPU, the internal keyboard and touchpad intermittently do not function properly after updating the BIOS.

    Version 1.60 - 2012-05-07

    • Updated: 461017_461017_Chief_River_Maho_Bay_WW13_2012_VC_Dashboard_final, SA 1.5.
    • Updated: 498525_498525_Ivy_Bridge_Screen_Flicker_Sighting_Alert_Rev1_0, SA 1.5.
    • Updated: 499257_499257_IVB_Graphics_Cache_Config_Sighting_Alert_Rev1_0.
    • Updated: SNB Microcode to M12206A7_00000026.
    • Fixed: ODD disappears when the "SATA Interface setting" is set to "Battery life" mode and the computer is resumed from Sleep (S3) mode.

    Version 1.50 - 2012-04-20

    • Fixed: Incorrect audio SSID for region code "k" (Korea).

    Version 1.40 - 2012-04-12

    • Modified: Keyboard de-bounce time from 6ms to 20ms.

    Version 1.20 - 2012-03-26

    • Updated: AMD VBIOS to fix display garbage symptoms while running 3D benchmarks on discrete graphic controller models.

    Version 1.10 - 2012-03-05

    • Initial production BIOS release for these models.

Satellite C850-ST3N03 BIOS drivers

Satellite C850-ST3N03


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