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ACPI Flash BIOS version 2.20 for Satellite 3000/3005-S303/S403/S353 for Satellite 3000 BIOS

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Version 2.20  11-19-2001

  • Corrected a problem where if a system was booted to DOS and the Fn+F5 is used to toggle between the internal and external display if warm booted, the system would hang.

  • A function was added to enable wake from standby while a USB device is connected.

Version 2.10  08-10-2001

  • A change was made so that the Intel Applet driver will properly change to the correct mode after a power-state change when the PC is in in Stand-by state.

  • Corrected an issue where the first digit in RTC could not be set, and kept resetting to "3" by itself after entering BIOS setup.

Version 2.00  08-08-2001

  • Added support for Windows XP Standby/Resume.

  • Corrected DMA66 HDD write-timing.

  • Fixed an issue that, when the Supervisor and User password are set, the Supervisor password would be cleared. It would not be possible to change any settings in the BIOS except date & time.

  • Corrected a problem where the battery meter would not refresh after resuming from Hibernation and showed the battery when manually refreshed.

  • Corrected an issue that caused the computer to go into Hibernation if the AC was disconnected, even if remaining battery power was not at a critical level.

  • Corrected a problem that caused the computer not to boot from TEAC USB with a Fujitsu HDD installed.

  • Fixed a "Warm Swap" issue with FDD/CD-ROM/DVD, when running Windows 98 or Windows ME.

  • Corrected a problem that, when in Hibernation, swapping the FDD to a 2nd HDD or DVD/Combo CD-ROM showed the FDD icon (A:) in My Computer.

Version 1.90  08-01-2001

  • Wrong string was displayed for invalid password. This was corrected.

  • Corrected a problem that caused the computer to lock up after removing a Matsushita DVD Drive from the computer.

  • The change was made to add a Hot Swap utility for the SelectBay, when running Windows 98 SE and Windows ME.

  • Corrected a string of text in a Boot item specific help portion of the BIOS Setup Menu.

  • The Flash Utility was modified because date/time could not be set after flashing the BIOS.

  • Corrected a problem that, when running Windows 2000, the computer would hang when using wall paper and an Applet driver.

Version 1.80  08-01-2001

  • Corrected a hibernation problem caused by a second HDD being changed in the SelectBay.

  • Corrected a problem that, when running Windows 2000,caused the computer to not be able to go into Hibernation after coming out of Resume.

  • Corrected a problem using the "C" key for passowrd in BIOS setup.

  • Corrected a problem that, when running Windows 2000., would cause the computer to fail when coming out Standby (S1), resulting in a flashing LED.

  • A change was made to support SelectBay swap driver T9.

  • Corrected a problem in Windows 98 that caused the SelectBay swap driver to hang after the computer was coming out of Standby (S1.)

  • Corrected a problem that caused the Hardware Compatibility Test ACPI pre-OS test to fail.

  • Corrected a problem that caused an inability to clear the CMOS password using the "J1" jumper.

Version 1.60  06-22-2001

  • Initial production BIOS for Satellite 3000-S353, 3005-S303, and 3005-S403.

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