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Toshiba BIOS/CMOS Setup program for Toshiba portable computers for Satellite 2595XDVD BIOS

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Toshiba CMOS Setup program for portable computers.

This DOS program displays and allows you to set the CMOS/BIOS settings of your Toshiba portable computer. This program does not run in a DOS session under Windows. From Windows, you'll need to restart in MS-DOS mode in order to use this utility.

You can also access the BIOS/CMOS setup screen without having to use TSETUP by holding down the [Esc] key when you first power-on the system.

Satellite 2595XDVD BIOS drivers

Satellite 2595XDVD


  1. ACPI Flash BIOS version 7.10 for Satellite 2590/2595 7.10 - [Detail]
  2. ACPI Flash BIOS version 8.00 for Satellite 2590/2595 8.00 - [Detail]
  3. ACPI Flash BIOS version 8.10 for Satellite 2590/2595 8.10 - [Detail]
  4. ACPI Flash BIOS version 8.20 for Satellite 2590/2595 8.20 - [Detail]


  1. Toshiba BIOS/CMOS Setup program for Toshiba portable computers - [Detail]

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