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ACPI Flash BIOS Version 1.30 for Satellite 2430/2435 for Satellite 2435-S255 BIOS

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Change History

    Version 1.30    03-15-2003

    • Corrected a problem where, if the system is plugged into AC power while CPU throttling, the system would not resume from throttling.
    • Ensured the wireless-switch LED illuminates properly when Bluetooth is enabled after the BIOS update.
    • Modified the power-on sequence to automatically enable Bluetooth when resuming from standby mode.
    • Ensured the function of switching to battery operation mode when inappropriate AC adapter is being plugged in.

    Version 1.20    03-14-2003

    • Initial production BIOS for Satellite 2430/2435.

This package was updated on 04-01-2003 to include an updated list of change points. The BIOS is unchanged.

Satellite 2435-S255 BIOS drivers

Satellite 2435-S255


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