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ACPI Flash BIOS version 1.40 for Satellite 2400/2405 for Satellite 2400-S201 BIOS

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Change History

    Version 1.40 ???07-02-2002

    • BIOS was changed to support models with the Celeron 1.5GHz processor.
    • Initial production BIOS for Satellite 1405-S171

    Version 1.30 ???07-02-2002

    • Incorporated Dynamic CPU frequency mode of P4-1.60Ghz-M. (1) If the CPU installed is 1.6GHz P4-M, the Speed Step control and thermal control will follow the parameter of Mixed System in HWSC (Hardware Special Configuration). (2) HCI function to write HWSC was implemented. NOTE: There are two models with the 1.60GHz CPU: One supports Dynamic CPU frequency mode and the other does not. Check to see if the system supports Dynamic CPU frequency mode by confirming the reference to "Dynamic CPU Frequency Mode" in the others section of Hardware Setup. After updating the BIOS to version 1.30 or greater, set the mobile flag accordingly: (a) P4-1.60GHz-M: supporting Dynamic CPU frequency mode - Mobile Flag Set (1.6M)=1 (b) P4-1.60C Ghz: Model not supporting Dynamic CPU frequency model - Mobile Flag Set (1.6C) =0. NOTE: The mobile flag is set with the T&D.
    • The default value of TV type to NTSC in HW setup for Dynabook T5 was changed.

    Version 1.20 ???05-28-2002

    • A change was made so as not to support deeper sleep mode as a countermeasure of a hang problem while running on battery under Windows.

Satellite 2400-S201 BIOS drivers

Satellite 2400-S201


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